Neonatal Mortality in India

Status of States in India
Neonate death means death occurring within 28 days of birth
In Madhya Pradesh, as many as 6.18 lakh children had died within 28 days of birth during
the period 2008 to 2015. Whilst a total of 93, 700 children died in the year 2008, the
number did come down to 64, 500 in year 2015. However, effective responsiveness of the
State does not appear to have been there in addressing the concerns on neonatal, infant
and maternal health.
During the same period, Uttar Pradesh witnessed the death of 16.84 lakh newborns. The
number of deaths of newborns came down from 2.52 lakh to 1.72 lakh during the period.
During these eight years, deaths of newborns were at 5.12 lakh in Rajasthan, 6.54 lakh in
Bihar, 1.70 lakh in Jharkhand, 2.92 lakh in Maharashtra, 3.35 lakh in Andhra Pradesh and
2.95 lakh in Gujrat.
Four States, namely Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh account for 56%
of total neonatal deaths in the country.
Infant Deaths: Deaths Occurring Within One Year of Birth
As many as 91 lakh children were not able to observe their first birthday in India during the
period 2008 to year 2015. Whilst the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) has come down from 53 to
37, still year 2015 accounts for death of 9.57 lakh infants.
Situation is rather pathetic and alarming in four States in India with the number of infants’
deaths at 24.37 lakh in Uttar Pradesh, 8.94 lakh in Madhya Pradesh, 7.31 lakh in Rajasthan
and 10.3 lakh in Bihar. These States too account for 56% of Infant Mortality in the country.
However, situation of infant deaths is no less painful in States of Maharashtra (3.96 lakh),
Andhra Pradesh (5.11 lakh), Gujrat (4.13 lakh) and West Bengal (3.68 lakh).
Under 5 Child Mortality
During the years 2008 and 2015, as many as 1.113 crore children said goodbye to this world
before they could even observe their 5th birthday. We did not welcome them. We did not
take care of them. Their lives faded in to non-existence. Uttar Pradesh accounted for 31.11
lakh of these deaths whilst Madhya Pradesh had the share of 11.59 lakh, Rajasthan
contributed the death of 8.9 lakh children and Bihar accounted for the deaths of 13.40 lakh children.

Sachin Kumar Jain
Vikas Samvad
Published on Aug 2017
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