Struggling for Survival

strugglingforsurvival01strugglingforsurvival02Nowadays Bundelkhand is under the grip of severe drought. Half of the population of this area has already migrated and those who stayed have to struggle for their lives everyday. There is a Kundar pond commonly called as Sindoor Taal by the situated in Sindoor Sagar village under the Niwadi block of Tikamgarh district. Due to the severe drought now pond has died (dried) which once upon a time was filled with 40 feet water. But now bottom of the pond has cracked. This has been source of income for the people of Dhimarpura. Till few years back when there were ample of fishes in the pond, people didn’t have to face any livelihood problem.


strugglingforsurvival05strugglingforsurvival06Near the pond there is an old castle which ground floor was drowned into the water, but after the drought upper part of the doors of ground floor has now become visible like a small hole. There is enough mud collected near the doors. Through this one can enter to the castle ground floor is full of mud where there is a possibility of fishing. Dhimars of Dhimarpura risk their lives and enter to the hole in dark area for fishing. They justify that Dhimars are not scared of taking risk and if they so, they would not get food.

Like this there is another village called Majhaura under the Baxwaha block of Chhatarpur district situated on the hill area. People of this village have also migrated and those who left have struggling for drinking water. To get drinking water, women have to go to the Kund (Below 70 feet form the village). Water of the Kund is polluted but there is no any option. The Kund is 15 feet deep and there is only one feet water on the bottom. To fill up the water women have to go down with the wall of Kund. They fill their big utensils with the help of small mug.

People who are suffering from the drought have migration as a sad-full option but what do otherwise? If they stay in the village the struggle for survival will continue….

Raju Kumar                             

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