Good Figures for Bad Situation–Fabrication of Poverty Data in India

By a Magic Wand Unfurled By the Planning Commission, 84.9 million Indians have Stopped to be poor between 2010 and 2012: they went through and soared above the poverty line pushed by the Indian Government. Until now, it was said of India as a nation of illiterate people; the Planning Commission of India now believes that, along with being illiterate, the population of the country is uncouth illiterate idiots. It believes that the population, majority of it, is habituated to be slaves and that they need to be governed with an iron hand, firmly. It also believes that poverty need not be alleviated, minimised or annihilated. A few economists have developed a new instrument, sharpened in the fire called market, named Estimation of Poverty. They have concluded that poor need not be moved out from the conditions of poverty but it should manoeuvre to show that the poverty is declining. It is an art that they have perfected well! And, look, how? They are engaged in constricting the per capita expenses thereby stifling the Indian people in the ever-increasing levels of inflation.

Sachin Kumar Jain

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